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In what ways can Energy Healing help me?


Energy healing can facilitate healing on many levels including: the emotional (grief, depression, fear, trauma); mental (decision-making, confusion or lack of clarity); physical (injuries, surgeries, pain, disease processes); spiritual (connection one’s creativity and inspiration). Relationship challenges can also be addressed through Energy Healing, as our ability to be present with, know and understand ourselves and how we manage our own energy field directly impacts our ability to know, understand and interact with others.

Energy healing is not meant to replace an evaluation by your doctor or psychologist. I do not diagnose illness, and recommend engaging a ‘healing team’ which can contribute varied perspectives and modalities for healing.

What can I expect when I come for a healing?

My intention is to engage with you in your healing process in a way that facilitates your ability to self-heal and heightens your awareness of both your disease and healing process. This would include not only direct work with your Human Energy Field, but exploration of your health history, diet, exercise, childhood, life stresses, and beliefs which may impact your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual well-being.

The session starts when your appointment is made and you have set your intention for your healing need. Your energy consciousness gears up for the healing need, and you may find yourself already moving toward what you’re seeking. This is preparation for the work that will occur during your session.

Prior to coming for your session, you would complete a Client Intake form, which would be mailed or emailed to you. This intake is an opportunity for you to bring awareness to your significant life events and health issues which have brought you to where you are today.

Once you arrive for your session, it will unfold in its own unique way. The sessions can include table work, experiential work, guidance and feedback, and direct teaching for discerning and managing your energy consciousness system for optimal health.

How often should I have a healing?


There is no set number of sessions recommended. The frequency of healing sessions is assessed and discussed by both the client and myself. Together, we consider the client’s needs and preferences, as well as any guidance I can offer for moving toward the desired healing outcomes.


Can you work with my child?


When I work with young people, I require the presence of the parent during all interactions. I would assess the particular need to determine if I can contribute to the healing process. Whenever possible, I would make recommendations for other healing options.


I'm on medication; will this effect my ability to have an Energy Healing?

I will want to know the exact medications and dosages taken, so that I can assess the appropriateness of an Energy Healing.


Where does the energy come from?


Our human energy consciousness is a part of the larger Universal Energy Field, which is the essence of all life forms. I sense and access energy from both the Earth (physical) and the Divine (spiritual).


Do I need to believe for this to work?


No, not for a beneficiary affect. If a person found that they had a willingness to open to the possibilities of Energy Healing, and attempted a session, I believe that at the very least, the energetic intervention would stimulate a degree of change in the energy consciousness that fosters greater well being. An energy “tune-up” can act as an intervention in a disease process, whether or not the client believes it can. However, the effectiveness of the work is enhanced by the client’s ability to surrender to and receive it. Deeper, more long lasting effects are dependent upon the clients’ willingness to continually work with their energy consciousness system and intend fundamental changes toward health and wellness. While a session may offer a new reference for wellness, the client will be the one to learn to maintain a healthier energetic configuration. In this way, you can see that Energy Healing is a collaborative exchange between the healer and client.


Do you do out-calls?


I offer Energy Healings on-site at my office, out-calls by necessity only, as well as Long Distance Healings.


What is Long Distance Healing?


Energy Healing is affected by contact between Healer and Client, which exists beyond time, space and the physical dimension. For clients who live a significant distance from my office, or who for other reasons are unable to travel, I will arrange a healing session where I make contact without the client being physically present. Communication for all or part of the session is facilitated by telephone.


I'm going to have surgery. Can you work with me?


Energy Healing before, during and after surgery is known to quicken the healing process and reduce pain and the need for pain medications. I can arrange with the client and their surgeon and anesthesiologist to give Energy Healings in each phase of the surgical process: prepare the energy field before, strengthen it during, and restore it after. In order for me to physically be with a client in pre-op, surgery or recovery, I must have prior authorization from the participating physicians and hospital administration.


Where are you located?


     Spicewood, Texas


Where can I find more information on Energy Healing?


Please see the Resources segment on my website. I offer books and weblinks, as well as fun movies that can stimulate possibilities of a multi-dimensional reality!



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