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            The Pathwork of Self-Transformation – Eva Pierrakos

            Fear No Evil – Eva Pierrakos

These two books are comprised of selected lectures from “The Guide”. The Pathwork lectures are teachings focused on our self-awareness, healing and spiritual growth. They offer insightful guidance about why we are here, how we find ourselves in the pain of repetitive, unfulfilling experiences, and how we can approach healing. Fear No Evil lectures focus on the recognition and transformation of those aspects of our consciousness that are defended, meaning relating from pride, self-will or fear, and therefore unable to open to the infinite pleasure of life.


I find that when engaging with these materials, I resonate with a higher frequency of energy, my vibration is lifted, and I can see and understand a larger perspective.

            Awakening in Time – Jacquelyn Small

This books continues to span decades with its wisdom of human consciousness and its evolution. Written in a friendly and comprehensive manner, Jackie Small takes you through awakening with awareness: how we create, how we relate with others, our chakra systems and disease processes. She outlines how relationships can evolve from dependency to co-creation, from defense to relationships of “high calling” and purposeful living.

            Hands of Light – Barbara Brennan

            Light Emerging – Barbara Brennan

Hands of Light, Barbara Brennan’s first book on Human Energy Consciousness, is focused on Self-Healing and Knowing the Self. Her second book, Light Emerging, is focused on relational energetics and healing, as well as understanding ourselves as multi-dimensional beings. Dr. Brennan is a pioneer in the field of Energy Consciousness and Healing. This book is available in a few languages, as Barbara is well known internationally in the field of Healing Science. She has been able to objectify energy and how to work with it, as well as been able to teach others to do the same. Just remarkable!

            Molecules of Emotion – Candace B. Pert

              - The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine

Here’s a book for the scientific mind, although written for the layman. Candace Pert’s work was the focus of the recent documentary, “What the Bleep” (see Movies). Her work was also a major part of my Senior Thesis at BBSH, “A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Healing Attention Deficit Disorder.” Read this book to learn more about how our thoughts and emotions affect our physiology. I particularly like learning about the ‘opiate receptor’, which is her discovery.

            Loving What Is – Byron Katie

Inquiry…what a beautiful way to relate to life! Byron Katie offers a simple and effective method of discovering how we can be the source of our own suffering, as well to discovering the beliefs and thinking patterns that can destroy happiness. This book is gentle and humorous, but can feel as though it speaks to our greatest pain.

            Trust After Trauma – Aphrodite Matsakis

Here is a book that addresses the long term affects of trauma, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This book can benefit those who suffer the pain of reoccurring trauma and those who love them. It offers understanding and practical approaches that invite compassion and foster healing for everyone.

            Heal Your Body – Louise L. Hay

I like this book because Louise clearly outlines the potential psychological and emotional causes for physical imbalances, diseases and injuries. She directs us to a place of the possibilities for our suffering from a mind-body-spirit perspective, which can stimulate our curiosity and desire to explore our own nature.

            Healing ADD – Dr. Daniel G. Amen

Attention Deficit Disorder is a complex and pervasive condition that touches all peoples on our planet. Dr. Amen identifies and explains six variations of ADD and how those with ADD, their families, teachers and associates, can learn to live optimally and heal. This book was also a significant part of my Senior Thesis at BBSH, “A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Healing Attention Deficit Disorder.”

            The Energy of Money - Maria Nemeth





            Love, An Inner Connection – Carol K. Anthony

Carol Anthony has written a concise and rich text, based on the principles of the I-Ching. Her focus is on the purpose and gift of the Love relationship. This is a book to be savored. The language is clear, yet not easily comprehended. The concepts require us to consider other possibilities about what relationship with a primary partner is all about. She teaches fundamental principles of relating as well as guides us through the journey of truly loving another from that first spark of attraction! I challenge you to commit to following her counsel for 3 months, without resistance, and see how your life changes!

            Creating Union – Eva Pierrakos

Another “not to be missed” group of Pathwork lectures, this book is focused on the dynamics of a whole, authentic and balanced relationship. The Guide addresses union on all levels, and brings a new perspective to emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual intimacy.

            How to be An Adult – David Richo

Do not miss this book. David Richo has succinctly and uniquely united concepts about living and relating that can provide the wisdom and (actions you can take) to live in harmony with yourself, others and the world. I believe it will evoke your logic, reason and understanding, as well as you heart.

            The Love Pack – Chuck Spezzano

This man can write! Chuck Spezzano, who has a background in the Course in Miracles, has created a tool to help us find our way to fulfillment in Love. This tool is a deck of cards and a reference book. Through engaging with the cards as he outlines, his writings will help you to identify the problems and the healing solutions in relationship. Check to see if these teachings bring you to the core of your own truth and innate knowing about how we create love and absolute pleasure!

            The Unimaginable Life – Kenny & Julia Loggins

Singer/Songwriter Kenny Loggins, and his now wife Julia, share the challenges and ecstasy of conscious relationship through a diary of their own personal process. This book is really helpful if you’re feeling alone in strange, new territory, or you don't understand why you keep coming to the same juncture over and over again.




            The Energy of Money - Maria Nemeth

This book is actually a written workshop, which you complete at your own pace. It might take one to two years! Dr. Nemeth will guide you through all aspects of your life; and bring awareness to how you can realize your dreams, visions and goals. She uses our relationship with money as the context for awakening to our true nature and life’s fulfillment. These concepts open the doorway to synchronicity, and the support of the universe. This is a great book to read with your best friend, spouse, partner or a group!

            First, Break All The Rules - Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman

How do you evoke the creative and true nature of others? This is a book that supports those who are in the workplace…as a manager, peer, or employee. It offers a significant model for facilitating the realization of the greatest potential of those whose lives we touch. It will invite you to “break all the rules” you’ve learned about managing human resources.

            The Evolution of The Soul Through Service - Susan S. Trout

At times, we may question if we are doing the work we are intended to do, if we are living to our greatest potential. Dr. Trout brings new meaning and insight to our work in the world. As we become aware of our motivations for serving others, we come to know and realize our soul’s true nature.

            Crucial Conversations - Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler

This is not only a book, it’s a training program! If we’re stuck in our relationships in the workplace, or at home, we may be having the wrong conversations or avoiding necessary conversations. These authors/trainers help us to identify what is really being received in our communications, and how we can more effectively and consistently communicate in ways that express what we really want. Visit their website for more on this curriculum: www.vitalsmarts.com.

            What Color is Your Parachute – Richard Nelson Bolles

In addition to being an excellent spiritual guide to finding one’s place of work in the world, the final chapter on “How to Find Your Mission in Life: God and One’s Vocation” is essential reading.

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